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Save money and increase your sales

We don't just pride our selves on our products being different, our bathroom trade account is different too.

Designing our own products is just one part of how we can help you grow your business:

  • We manufacture unique designer products for the bathroom trade.
  • We increase your sales by giving you customers
  • We increase your profits by focusing on complete bathrooms

When someone buys a vanity unit, they probably need new tiles and fitting too. That means our products don't just sell themselves, they sell bathrooms.

Get the benefits of a bathroom trade account

All our bathroom trade accounts are free to hold and give you access to exclusive offers and prices, while helping to boost your sales too.

Once your account is open, you will automatically get a dedicated page on our site to promote your business as well as:

  • Exceptional trade discounts
  • Next day UK delivery
  • Local bathroom sales leads
  • Local bathroom advertising

Our bathroom trade account must be a benefit to your business. That means it needs to gain you footfall, sales and ultimately increase your profits.

Let us take the strain

Open an account

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Increase your sales with a Dovcor Bathrooms trade account

How often do your see your bathroom distribution reps? What do you talk about; manufacturing, increasing sales, or just football?

At Dovcor we know every square foot of floor space counts, and you need to make a profit from your bathroom manufacturers and distribtuion accounts. That means we can�t just walk in and ask you to stock our products without asking how we can benefit your business.

Let us prove we can help you

As a manufacturer and distributor of our own unique bathroom products, we know how important it is to be different.

Why not let us prove we can make a difference to your business before you stock our bathroom products.

Open a trade account today and we won�t send a rep in to kit out your showroom. In fact, we will help you increase your sales by literally sending our bathroom customers to your door.

Isn�t that just too good to be true?

Of course we know this is a different approach to a normal trade account. In fact it�s very different to how other bathroom manufacturers operate.

We don�t view our trade accounts as simply customers, we view them as partners. If we can gain you footfall sales and profit then you are going to like us and that�s good for our distribution business.

If we�re sending you customers then you will sell our bathroom products, it�s that simple. We grow our manufacturing business if we grow your bathroom business first.

Is there a cost to a trade account?

There�s no cost at all, we shoulder the risk ourselves, advertising our bathroom products in your local area and using our brand to generate you footfall.

All our account holders get free micro-sites on our website to drive footfall to your door and automatically get access to our trade discount structure.

What other benefits are there to having a trade account?

All our trade account holders get extended payment times, discounts and 24 hour delivery to an address of their choice.

Our trade accounts are managed by a dedicated team, who review the number of customers the Dovcor bathrooms brand sent you, deal with any displays and handle your distribution or customer service issues.

How to open a Dovcor Bathrooms trade account.

Opening a trade account is a quick and easy process.

Submit your details today and your local rep will get in touch to discuss your address and any vital details we need to create your micro-site so we can begin working together.

What if I have some questions?

If you have any questions at all, simply submit your details to register your interest. Your local rep will then get in touch to discuss the whole process with you.

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