Things to Remember

Things to remember


When searching for your dream bathroom, there are a number of important things to think about.

To help out we have put together some of the topics you should think about when considering your new bathroom to make sure you get maximum value for money and a bathroom that lasts a lifetime, not a few days!


Keep in mind of the dimensions of your room, the last thing you want is for your bathroom to become crowded, sparse and / or claustrophobic.

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Help Water


It sounds silly, but a surpising number of bathroom furniture is not water resistant, make sure the items you are buying are suitable for a bathroom.


Keep in mind that this is your bathroom that you are investing in, there is no sense in investing in a bath or unit that is going to fall apart after a couple of years.

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Help Trust


Did you know there is no qualifications for the bathroom fitting industry? Make sure you can trust your bathroom fitter. See our ratings HERE

Value for Money

The average family bathroom is used 2,500 times a year, compared to the 700 times we use our cars.

Does the bathroom you are looking at provide value for money? keep in mind, bathrooms that last longer, have better value for money.


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