The Striata Finish

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It's that old saying, "clean room, clean mind". Bathrooms should be places to relax and unwind, not a place that's a chore to clean.

We like to make everyone's lives just that little bit easier so we've designed our screens to have our very own Striata Finish.

Here's the science.. to the naked eye glass appears to be smooth, however if you saw it under a microscope you would actually see a series of small bumps. In reality glass is very uneven, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and an area prone to soap deposits and limescale build up leaving your beautiful new screen dull.

The Striata Finish renders a glass surface completely flat and smooth, removing this breeding ground and enabling water to run straight off so germs can't build up.

Our glass screens are not only cleaner, but they are much more hygenic too.


  • More Hygenic
  • Easier to clean

The coating will last for months to years depending on the hardness of your water in your area, amount of use and cleaning products used to clean it. But this finish will never discolour or break up meaning the coating will in no way damage your shower experience.