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Corensis finish

At dovcor we realise a bath is there to be used, not just looked at like a piece of art.

Roll tops, cast iron, copper.. these baths are popular right now, but have you ever tried using one? Not only are the majority of bathrooms just too small to accomodate such a large object, but sometimes they are more about style than purpose.

Bath development has come a long way since a tin bath in front of an old fashioned coal range. While a cast iron bath will absorb heat from your hot bath water within minutes, turning it cold.

Style over practicality is sometimes the compromise but not with our baths. That's why we've designed an acrylic bath that's reinforced with our Corensis Finish.

This technique combines multiple layers of fibreglass with 18mm composite board to ensure your bath stays warmer for longer, is super strong and resists the stresses and strains on normal everyday use.

You'd insulate your house, why not insulate your bath.


  • Far superior strength and build quality
  • Maintains water temperature through better insulation

Stylish, elegant and above all functional, with a little bit of innovative technology thrown in!