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Value for money isn't just about how good our products are, it's about how good the people that fit them are too.

That's why we monitor both our own feedback and the feedback of our stores. This way we can celebrate our joint success or learn from our teams mistakes. Our feedback ratings monitor the quality, value for money, service and punctuality of every sale.

We even combine every stores score at the bottom of every page, creating an overall rating for us. This means if a store doesn't look after you it will affect our overall rating too.

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It couldn't be easier to leave a review of your local bathroom store. Using a simple star system and comments box, you can leave a review in seconds.

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It's vital you give an honest opinion; feedback really is the best way to make sure stores offer the best service. Every bit of feedback is read, with reviews going live in seconds.

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We treat feedback a little bit differently

Whether it's making our own designer bathroom products, or offering free advice to anyone that needs it; we're here to make sure you get the bathroom you deserve.

We try hard to engage with anyone looking for a bathroom, no matter where or how they plan to buy it. By offering free advice, not just on our products, but suppliers in general we have built up a database of who you can really trust in an industry synonymous with rogue traders.

Why is feedback so crucial?

While our day to day tasks are filled with making furniture, helping with bathroom quotes or organising inspirational design visits; none of it would be possible without the feedback we receive from our customers.

All the advice and products we offer are built upon feedback. If one of our stores gets it wrong then potential customers need to know about it. Equally if we get our designs wrong we need to change the way we make our products to correct it.

Why is our feedback different?

Some companies don't like showing customers feedback. Maybe it's because they aren't very good at their job, or just that they are scared of that one bad review.

At Dovcor we know everyone makes mistakes, things can't always run smoothly. That's why we show all our feedback, whether it's good or bad, so even if we do make a mistake you can see how we dealt with it. After all, making a mistake isn't the end of the world, but not sorting it out usually is.

What kind of feedback do we get?

Feedback is taken in two parts, a written statement and marks out of five for service, quality, speed and value.

Compare your local supplier feedback ratings with ease

Every score a supplier gets is averaged to produce one overall feedback rating. This rating is displayed as a percentage next to the stores details.

When you enter your postcode into our comparison tool, it will show you your nearest three stores followed by their feedback ratings making comparisons easy.

How can you see our feedback?

All our feedback is grouped together to produce one big overall website total. This total is then displayed on every page of the site as a percentage.

Simply create an account to view supplier feedback

Creating an account is quick, easy and gives you access to our free design visit and quotation service.

Once an account has been created, our comparison site will create you a unique "my stores" page based on your postcode. From here you will be able to view your nearest three suppliers, their feedback ratings and visit their micro-sites.

Each micro-site gives in depth supplier details, including an introduction, photos and details of the brands they stock.

Leaving feedback is easy

All account holders can leave feedback by clicking on a supplier's micro-site and posting a review. All our reviews are read and acted upon, so your opinion really does count.

Just get in touch

We would love to get your feedback or hear your bathroom stories. No matter which supplier you used, or even what products you bought.

Leaving a review is critical to help future customers and the team here at Dovcor.

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