Who were Dolphin Bathrooms?

Posted by Will Ryles on 02/05/2012.

Dolphin bathrooms were the biggest of their kind, a direct sales company specialising in designing and installing fully fitted bathrooms.

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Part of the larger Homeform group, together with Sharps fitted bedrooms and Moben kitchens, Dolphin bathrooms dominated the home improvement industry for some 20 years.

Focusing on home design visits, where a trained bathroom designer would visit you in the comfort of your own home and discuss your needs, the Dolphin team would handle your bathroom from design to completion.

What happened to them?

Dolphin bathrooms, along with the Homeform group went into administration in 2011. While Sharps managed to survive, both Moben and Dolphin bathrooms closed down for good.

This left thousands of customers out of pocket, some 3000 people out of work and a rather large hole in the bathroom industry as a result.


Does anyone offer their fully fitted bathroom service?

Dolphin bathrooms were a direct sales company with their own showrooms. Unlike the majority of the industry they focused on selling their own limited product range, and didn't really offer a great level of customer service.

Today there are great independent bathroom stores up and down the country offering a much wider range of products , while also depending upon customer service to drive future sales.

With Dolphin out of the way, small businesses dedicated to fully fitted bathrooms have been able to replicate the free design model for their own customers, while also offering the full design and installation package.


How can I get my bathroom designed and installed?

As with any industry there are both good and bad fitted bathrooms. Dolphin will have had its success stories, as well as its more notable failures.

In order to find a bathroom designer you trust, we have put together a unque free service to help you gain access to these free design visits.

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What if I don't need my bathroom fitted yet?

Buying a fitted bathroom can be a long process, especially when you need to assess the costs involved first.

All of our partner stores offer no obligation quotes to give you an idea of how much your new bathroom will cost.

When coupled with a free design, our bathroom quote service is the perfect way to start your bathroom journey without all the hassle of finding the products, designing the bathroom and installing it yourself.

Where can I get ideas for my bathroom design?

You can find loads of great bathroom ideas on our bathroom blog, or alternatively you can find out how to turn those ideas into a real bathroom by visiting our recent post.

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