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Posted by Will Ryles on 20/06/2013.

Bathroom Design Theme

If you were to buy a house today, without a shadow of a doubt the bathrooms inside would be simple affairs.

Havens of white functionality, while house builders might go to town on the living room and kitchen in a show house it seems they neglect to give the same attention to their bathroom designs.

Perhaps this is because kitchens are often the first real impression of a house someone gets, and probably by the time they work their way to the last room in the house, the bathroom isn't really going to affect their buying decision, but that doesn't mean a bathroom design isn't important.

Over the past two years we've chronicled 100's of bathroom ideas and designs to inspire our readers.

Hopefully the handy tips and guides stored within this blog have even helped a few people save money and get the right bathroom for them too.

Yet one topic we've sparsely covered sprang to mind when we saw this fantastic design by Studio Carver.

It's important to keep up a theme in your bathroom.

All too often a designer might have an idea, or more commonly a homeowner with a pencil, that they want to translate into a fantastic bathroom design.

Yet once they take that idea and try to work it into reality, something gets lost in translation.

This loss of meaning isn't usually due to a lack of effort or budget, but simply because by focusing on one area of their bathroom, they neglect to remember the small things that compliment their initial idea and really lift a bathroom from average to unique.

Take for example this fantastic bathroom design, a haven of industrial chic and warm wood.

If you were trying to translate it into your bathroom, you might be able to find the steel bucket to use as a sink, but if you then paired it with some grey tiles (rather than the warn concrete effect wall panels) would it really get the same reaction from the user?

Similarly, it's highly unlikely that on a reasonable budget you would be able to find the almost matt brushed effect taps that go so well within this used theme, but cheaper chrome just wouldn't look the same.

Simple accessories like a mirror, towel and medicine bottle aren't hard to include, but when selected with the theme in mind (odds are that most people would forget the medicine bottle) they complement and enhance the chic theme rather than just being plain objects in a room.

If you've found a great idea online, in a magazine or maybe on our bathroom blog, then it's worth remembering the little things and the subtle differences that really do make a difference in your bathroom.

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