How much does a new bathroom cost?

Posted by Will Ryles on 11/10/2012.

Once you visit a lot of homes, you start to get a sense of how much each new bathroom will cost just by looking at the other rooms in a house.

The reason for this is because unless you want lots of walls knocking down and a whole extension building, the fitting cost of a bathroom will roughly match the cost of the fittings.

On average, a small bathroom will cost around £5000 to design and install from scratch, with the fittings and installation costing 90% and tiles, grout and adhesive making up the last 10%.

A New Bathroom Cost

Some bathroom stores will a charge a little more, others might even be a little bit less, especially if you can provide a fitter with an empty room.

You can even get regional differences, a good London bathroom fitter might charge £2500 and a Newcastle fitter might be around the £2000 mark, but all in all, if you set aside £5000 for your bathroom then it should provide you with a decent budget.

Don't take our word for it though, if you look on the Which website, they recommend that a bathroom will cost from £4850 for a small house to £7300 in a detached one.

The cost problems for a bathroom designer often come when a budget is too low to meet your product expectations.

The problem is that while 40% of a bathroom budget is taken up by installation costs in a £5000 bathroom, someone with a £3000 budget will still have to pay roughly £2000 to install their new bathroom, meaning only around 30% of their budget will be left for the tiles and fittings.

Cost of a new bathroom

Even a small bathroom of 2mx2m will need 12-16 sqm of tiles, costing at least £300 including the grout and adhesives.

This means with a £3000 budget you will only have £700 to spend on your entire bathroom suite.

Of course it's possible to get a suite for this price, but it might not be the whirlpool bath and fancy bathroom furniture you were hoping for.

If you're in need of a new bathroom, it's best to start off in the right way by getting an expert to design your bathroom for free and quote you, at least to get an idea of the budget you will need for your new bathroom.

If you're not at that stage then a good start would be to avoid the common mistake people make, or learn what to look for in that beautiful vanity unit.

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