A small bathroom design

Posted by Will Ryles on 10/07/2013.

Bespoke Small Bathroom Design

This fantastic small bathroom design was quite a challenge to get right.

When we were approached by the client, the bathroom in question didn't actually exist, in fact it was nothing more than a plan on a piece of paper.

Our brief was to create a user friendly shower room in the tiny space of 1400x1900mm within a budget of £5.5k.

The small shower room had to have a large shower that could be adapted quickly to meet the needs of an elderly user and their carer, while being modern and featuring a decent amount of storage.

The project was to be a part of the clients larger home refurbishment program, and as such we were limited with the time we had to design, build and install the products. In total we had just an eight week period from first seeing the plans to complete this small bathroom.

Bespoke Small Bathroom Shower

It immediately became apparent that the shower was going to be the feature that would dictate the space in the rest of the room, if we got that right then we would be able to construct any furniture from scratch to fit the space left.

Because the shower needed to be adaptable to fit a seat, it was designed to be 1400x900mm wide, with a low height cast stone tray, minimalist sliding door and huge fixed shower head (with flexi attachment for a carer to use, or just to keep your hair dry).

Bathroom Furniture Sketch

To add to this, the entrance to the shower needed to be as wide as possible, so any toilet and cistern would need to be super thin to avoid blocking the door.

Given there was no natural light in the room, we went for large rectangular white gloss wall tiles, staggered in effect with light grey square floor tiles that would reflect the chrome theme shower valve, basin mixer and Italian 1200mm towel warmer.

This left about 1000mm within which to install a bespoke vanity unit and a 200mm deep WC unit.

Small Bathroom Furniture

The problem was, with so little space and knowing that the client's builders could leave the room a slightly different size to the plans, we needed to create a piece of bathroom furniture that was flexible in size so that it could be constructed to fit on site.

For that reason, we built two separate units, a vanity unit and a WC unit, and bridged the gap with shelving that could be cut down to suit on site with a single plinth.

We even included a variable width toilet roll holder within the shelving to avoid any unsightly loo rolls on top, giving the user the impression that the whole unit was one piece of furniture.

The units were made in house, using the Egger Chateau Oak finish water resistant boards and soft close hinges.

We then combined them with a 38mm thick white solid surface top that was split in two to give access to the cistern (the two front panels on the WC unit also come away easily).

Small Shower Design

In order to get as much storage space as possible, we used the full length of the end wall creating an angled cupboard beneath an oval 500x375mm ceramic basin with high rise mixer.

To add more storage space, we coupled these with a framed mirror cabinet to match the Chateau Oak finish below, again using soft close hinges and a matching short handle.

The bathroom was finished off with a concealed cistern and soft close back to wall toilet that's easy to clean. While beautiful, its simple design doesn't distract from the main features in the room and leave the whole design feeling modern.

Overall, apart from the permanent grab rail in the shower, most users would be unaware of this small bathroom designs elderly friendly intentions.

From start to finish, the project was completed within the 8 week deadline, with installation taking around 5 days and the final price coming in at under £5300.

Outside the small bathroom

If you're in need of a small bathroom design, or want to find out how we can help you, then simply request a free bathroom design visit.

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