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Freestanding Dual Vanity Unit image

Freestanding Dual Vanity Unit

Posted by Will Ryles on 6th Nov 2013 at 05:05.

For a recent bathroom renovation project we were asked to come up with a dual vanity unit that could be used as the central theme for the rest of the room.

We decided to use a high gloss grey paint on the vanity unit to give it a high end hotel feel without becoming too garish. We then replicated the same high gloss paint finish in the back of three backlit recessed shelves to the right of the unit to give the free standing vanity unit a more integrated feel.

Stylish Fitted Bathroom Furniture image

Stylish Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Posted by Richard Carter on 23rd Oct 2013 at 01:01.

For a recent project in London we were tasked with redesigning a clients fitted bathroom furniture.

Although the previous layout and storage options weren't particularly bad, the style and look of the room was dated and out of keeping with the rest of the property.

Bespoke bathroom furniture image

Bespoke bathroom furniture

Posted by Will Ryles on 6th Sep 2013 at 03:03.

In a world where bespoke furniture can often cost a fortune, the idea of creating every bathroom from scratch doesn’t really appeal to most high street retailers.

In a hyper competitive world, where similar products are piled high and sold cheaply, bespoke bathroom furniture doesn’t really feature.

Bathroom Fitters image

Bathroom Fitters

Posted by Will Ryles on 21st Aug 2013 at 01:01.

Over the years, we’ve worked with lots of bathroom stores with their own fitting teams and now more recently directly with fitters recruited by customers themselves.

Our modern take on a traditional bathroom design image

Our modern take on a traditional bathroom design

Posted by Will Ryles on 8th Aug 2013 at 10:10.

When a client from North London came to us for a bathroom design, they wanted something different to the processed norm.

They had a few requests about looks, the bathroom had to be in keeping with the traditional theme of the house, yet it needed to be modern too.

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