About Dovcor Bathrooms

Making your bathroom different isn't just our business, it's our passion.

We're not little design geeks that sit behind computers and neither are we a faceless bathroom brand that doesn't care about the fitted bathrooms it creates. In fact our website is just one small part of what we do and if we had our way a piece of paper and a pencil would still be our designers tool of choice.

We won't ever give you cheesy lines and we're certainly not pushy designers. At Dovcor, we just want to make your fitted bathroom better than everyone else's.


We can help you find your perfect bathroom design

Making a fitted bathroom to be proud of is a journey, and every journey needs a few directions to get you to the other side. While we may not be map makers, we've helped more people than we can count find the bathroom design of their dreams.

Our team is made up of real people, people with families and hobbies, people that understand what it's like to buy a fitted bathroom from scratch. Over time our team has built up a wealth of knowledge about the bathroom design industry, and it's that designer knowledge we want to pass on to you.

We know a little bit of help can go a long way so if at any point along your new bathroom journey you need a few design directions all you need to do is get in touch. Our team can offer free advice on what brands to buy, tips on who to trust or even just give you an opinion on how to design your bathroom.

Where did the Dovcor brand come from?

Dove Furniture

When we started out there were loads of bathroom brands out there selling the same products. As time went on we found that these brands were cutting corners in terms of quality too, copying everyone else and in turn simply lowering the quality of their components and designs to compete. All this meant that your beautifully fitted bathroom didn't stay beautiful for very long.

In 2007 we decided to make a stand against this downward spiral. We took the name of our furniture brand 'Dove' and combined it with our new 'Corensis' brand bath design to create a new company, Dovcor Bathrooms.

The idea behind the Dovcor brand was simple, to design and make our own unique bathroom products that would set your bathroom apart from your neighbours for years not days.

With this simple idea we travelled Europe looking for the best components like water resistant wood and curved doors, choosing a factory in Italy to assemble our designs. Yet making a good product was only one part of the process, we also visited bathroom stores all over the country to install displays and speak to customers who had fitted bathrooms in the past.

We know who you can trust to supply a fitted bathroom

Working with hundreds of bathroom stores we soon got to know who to trust, and who to shy away from. We certainly learnt those little tell tale signs that someone might not be as honest or as good at bathroom design as they say they are.

Rather than keep this information to ourselves, we decided to give it away for free on our website, incorporating free bathroom designs and quotes to produce a unique resource for anyone needing a fitted bathroom. We found that by being nice, even people that didn't buy our products started recommending us to their friends and family expanding our brand reputation tenfold.

Don't just take our word for it

Over the years our company has expanded from a family run operation into a team effort, but we never forgot our original design mission. In fact, our unique approach to our brand and design has earned us nominations for awards from 'if we can you can' and 'North East Business' or even the odd article like this one in Business Quarterly.

As a team we've cycled 184 miles coast to coast for charity and helped put back into the local community through the Young Entrepreneurs Trust, but our main focus will always be designer bathrooms.

If you have any questions simply get in touch

It's important that we continue on our mission to create designer bathroom products that not only look great but last. So if you have any questions, about our products or anything fitted bathroom related, just get in touch and we will do our best to help you out.

Why not take advantage of our free bathroom design service and get a free hand drawn bathroom design?